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About 6 years ago I was singing along to a song when I realized I didn’t connect with the lyrics and I thought, “I should write my own.” So that’s what I did. 

Shortly after that failed attempt, I wrote “Blue Eyed Birdie” which will probably never be a smash hit but I loved everything about the process. I was “hooked.” I picked up my guitar that hadn’t been played since high school and I started writing more. The ironic this is, I’m usually that person who tells a funny story so badly that it’s no longer funny.

I am unpublished and unknown to the music world, but I am hoping to change that. After years of hard work and success in the business world, I am finally chasing what I really love.

This site is a way for you to get taste of what I do and what I am capable of. I don’t post everything that I write or have written. 

So if you’re a music lover, singer/songwriter, publisher, producer…or you just accidentally stumbled across this page because you were looking for someone naked…I hope you can connect with some piece of my music.